pronunciation difference Are "trailer" and "traitor" same pronunciation in US?
Aug 20, 2018 8:26 AM
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No, they aren't, but it's easy to see how they would sound similar to the ear of a Japanese speaker. In American English, a /t/ between two vowels is realised as an alveolar flap, transcribed like this : /t̬/. It's a light tap sound, when the tongue briefly touches the ridge behind the teeth on the roof or the mouth. It's understandable that a Japanese speaker might interpret this alveolar flap as an 'l' or an 'r', as the nearest Japanese sound to 'l' and 'r' is also an alveolar consonant ( the sound at the beginning of 'roku', for example). But it's actually a kind of light 'd' sound. In fact, one of the names for this allophone is 'quick d'. It certainly sounds like a 'd' to native English speakers with other accents. Take a look at this page below. It's quite helpful in explaining the different ways that 't' can be realised: https://pronuncian.com/when-t-doesnt-sound-like-t/
August 20, 2018
No. Trailer= Tray-Lerh Traitor= Tray-Ter
August 20, 2018
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