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How do you prepare for a language exchange? Hi everyone! I've been learning languages for a couple of years, and what I struggle with most is having a successful/productive language exchange. Quite often it goes so badly as to put me off learning altogether! Typically, speaking English (my native language) is ok as their ability would be good enough to have an open-ish discussion. Speaking their language (Mandarin at the time) with my limited ability was basically impossible as they didn't know my vocab/grammar level, so most of the conversation was spent asking "what does this word mean?" "What is the meaning of this sentence?" which was then followed by me failing to understand their explanation... I imagine this is due to a lack of preparation beforehand... Can anyone chime in on this? Thank you!
Aug 20, 2018 7:29 PM
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so long as you are willing to work through not knowing a lot, you can spend time really benefiting from talking with native speakers. Personally I would advise asking to learn nursery rhymes or things for "children" pick one simple topic and just explore the vocabulary. (chose something simple, like animals or colors). I think if you keep it painfully simple then you can have an enjoyable conversation.
August 20, 2018
You have to learn around at least 1000 words first before you start talking to a native Chinese tutor. It's like If I did not learn at least 1000 English words. I would probably only ask what the words mean, like students, teachers, school, hospital, nurse, doctor, apples. and some other rudimentary words.....Or YOU ARE Super Rich and loving to spend money to find a person to teach you from scratch.
August 21, 2018
Learning 500 words first and making at least 50 sentences with them on your own. And then find a tutor to teach you how to pronounce them correctly and properly. That would be the best and fastest way for you to learn Mandarin from scratch. Of course, you need to have your money ready...:))
August 21, 2018
我想,你的汉语表达能力有限,这在和对方对话的过程中,这不是一个大的问题。 如果你的汉语表达无法让对方明白你的意思的话,你可以在说的同时,然后用英语和汉语写下来,发给对方看,同时我建议你们双方在谈话的时候,都借助翻译软件,因为必要的时候,翻译软件可以帮助我们了解对方的意思,学习语言中不明白和不认识的词。
August 21, 2018
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