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How do Telugu speakers type Telugu script? Hello! I'm currently using an inscript keyboard (comes with Windows 10) to type Telugu, but it's difficult as I can't see the Telugu letters on my English keyboard... Does anyone have an alternate way? On my phone I have a Telugu keyboard with the letters visible which makes it easy, but I really want to be able to type easily on my computer... If there is no better way, I can get those transparent stickers to stick over my current keyboard's keys I guess... Thanks!
Aug 21, 2018 7:22 PM
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I use the SwiftKeyboard app on my phone. But, the technology around Telugu needs updating. The lack of a good keyboard is why most people write Telugu using English characters. It is best to write in తెలుగు though.
November 15, 2020
Nenu telugu bhasa premikudu
January 13, 2019
Yeah, there are various websites which allow you to enter Telugu, but I want one that works outside of the internet... I'm getting used to the Windows 10/inscript Telugu keyboard mapping, it's not too bad actually... :)
October 2, 2018
Hi. I learn Telugu too. And I use this site https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/telugu.htm
October 2, 2018
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