Why is there so much insignificent and vulgar stuff on the us news websites? When you open a news website, what first leap to your eyes are fashion, celebrities, murders, Trump, or Malania. We do not need these stuff. There are so much information about economy, policies, science and technology, jobs, the arts that people want to know. Why don't the editors put these on the homepage? Today a lot of events in China are significent and of global meaning; but no, they never give a tiny space in their websites for those. If there happen to be any, it must be bad news. I do not believe all the news editors in the us are undereducated, nor are they all of base taste. But why do they show us they are?
Aug 22, 2018 3:59 AM
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Thank you Nanren for your great answer!
August 22, 2018
I hear the China-centric stuff, which is rather similar to the US-centric nature of US reporting. I guess everywhere thinks they are important. Except us tiny nations, maybe. That aside, I think you have a theme I have also put forward at times. "Editor" no longer appears to be the role it used to be. Moreover "journalist" no longer appears to be the role it used to be either. . The short answer is of course, market pressures. They are businesses driven by their aim to be profitable. Sorry to say, I think we must conclude that the Americans are simply not willing to pay for news about the latest earth-shattering thing out of China, or anywhere else, maybe. Google does, though offer me all sorts of news about Snoop-someone and people I don't know. . Aside us being saddened by the demise of journalistic integrity, and the descent of traditonal infomration channels into entertainment, your "question" appears as if it would belong more comfortably in "Discussions".
August 22, 2018
Because that's what most of us love to watch.
August 22, 2018
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