what is different between " to meet someone" and "to meet up with someone"?
Aug 22, 2018 4:33 AM
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Hey Vicky, I shall provide you with an explanation of the usage of these idioms: 1) "meet someone": to come together (with), either by design or by accident; encounter someone. It can also mean "to be introduced to (a person)". E.g.: "I met him unexpectedly". E.g.: "We met at the station". E.g.: "I have not yet met your cousin". 2) "meet up with (one)": to meet or encounter someone, especially in a casual capacity. E.g.: "I'm meeting up with my friend tomorrow for lunch, so I won't be around in the afternoon." E.g.: "She met up with her former lover". E.g.: "I met up with him at the mall yesterday to help him shop for a suit". * NOTICE: As opposed to the phrasal verb "meet up with", only "meet" can be used in the sense of "encounter/be introduced to someone for the first time". In that regard, you should know that the usage of "meet" is broader than that of "meet up with". So is its meaning! Hope that helps!!! :)
August 22, 2018
Hi Vicky, "To meet someone" means to meet someone for the first time or to go see someone. "To meet up with someone" means to go see them somewhere. So both can mean to go see someone somewhere, but only "to meet someone" can mean to meet them for the first time.
August 22, 2018
Thank you so much !!!
August 22, 2018
To meet someone can mean either to meet them for the very first time or it can mean to meet them some place. To meet up woth someone usually means to meet somewhere with someone you may already know.
August 22, 2018
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