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Joey Rox Reneau
In what country do people speak two or more language ? Sometimes I question myself why people don't all speak English only
23 ago 2018 03:55
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In some Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia which were once British colonies, English has been a language widely used, along with the languages of the different ethnic groups. In Singapore, English serves as a bridge between peoples of different ethnicities. I grew up as a schoolboy learning English as my first language and Mandarin as my "second" language, so I do not consider myself a native Mandarin speaker. I also speak the Cantonese dialect as a result of being brought up by my maternal grandmother, and I love being surrounded by Cantonese conversations. Sadly, the younger generation do not know any dialect well. I see this as taking a step back in exploring the beauty of languages in its diversity.
23 agosto 2018
Thus If one knows English, Spanish, Russian and French, he/she can travel almost everywhere on this planet without too much discomfort.
23 agosto 2018
I think it depends on a history of a country where a particular person lives and by what culture this country was colonized during the ages.
23 agosto 2018
Joey Rox Reneau
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