What do these words mean in these sentences? 1. Brooke's mom was told she couldn't have a drink for 30 days before the wedding, and she knew she would have to "white-knuckle" it. (White knuckle)

2. That was a "messed up" thing you did Paul. You shouldn't have done it. (Messed up)

3. He's the "eplosion" guy. He got kicked out of the stadium. He beat up people. (Explosion guy)

4. I had one incident but I'm ready to take responsibility for my side of the street. ( my side of the street).

Thanks in advance.

Aug 23, 2018 4:37 PM
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Hey Hamid, how are you, my friend? I hope you are doing just fine! :) I shall provide you with information on the meanings of each expression used in the contexts given: 1) ''to white knuckle (something)'': it means ''to survive something threatening through strained endurance, that is to say, holding on tight''. E.g.: ''The flight from New York was terrible. We had to white knuckle the entire flight''. E.g.: ''Dad has long craved a cigarette. If anything, he has managed to white knuckle it''. 2) ''messed up'': this expression is used to describe an action that was not good or was harmful to another (person). E.g.: ''Your plan was more of a ''messed up'' failure, and now there is no turning back.'' E.g.: ''Such a ''messed up'' behaviour like yours was able to make Mom fairly sad''. 3) ''explosion-guy'': in this case, it is used to describe one who is inclined to anger, that is, a person who is fairly bad-tempered, quarrelsome, fractious. E.g.: ''My mom is such an explosion-person. She always seems to be angry with us''. E.g.: ''I would say he is more of an explosion-guy - you shall teach him some manners''. 4) ''side of the street'': this is an idiom used to indicate when a person is decided to take responsibility for their actions/part in the situation. Here is a hint for you: Do not confuse ''side of the street'' with ''side of the fence'', the latter referring to a particular position or point of view in an argument or topic of debate. Examples:: (for you to make a comparison) ''I forced him to take responsibility for his side of the street. I shall not be held responsible for everything that happened!'' ''Our sides of the fence may differ, but that does not mean we can not work together''. Hope that helps you, Hamid!
August 23, 2018
White knuckle = to be in a difficult situation in which you are almost certain of failure but are "holding on" to make it through. Messed up = in this case, it describes an action that was not good, done to another. Explosion = in this case, it describes a person prone to anger, who is unable to control his response. My side of the street = in this case, it means the person is will to take responsibility for his/her part in the situation. Hamid, hope this helps you!
August 23, 2018
I have no idea what they mean. But, I suppose the last one would mean he will ony be responsible for his faults. So, maybe an accident happened which involved more than one person. Better look up the meanings of these words online.
August 23, 2018
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