Sara Martín
Music or musical I'm not sure when I should use each one. For example in "Music/Musical characteristics" or "Music/Musical language". Thank you in advance!
Aug 25, 2018 7:10 AM
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The Swedish accent has musical characteristics. Chinese is a musical language. The sound of wind blowing through the trees is musical. I listen to music on the radio. My favorite subject in school is music. Music brings so much joy to peoples' lives. My son is very musical, he can play three instruments.
August 25, 2018
Hi Sara, I 'not a native speaker, so my answer is just an opinion. Musical = adjective so you have to use it before a noun: I love the musical sound of the waves. Music = noun so you can use it as a subject or object: This music is beautiful./ I love listening to the music. About your examples I say: Music characteristics. Musical language. I hope to be right.
August 25, 2018
Examples of use: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is a piece of music. The piano is a musical instrument. A piano makes music. Paul McCartney wrote the music for many of the Beatles' songs. A nightingale (ruiseñor) is musical, a crow (cuervo) is just noisy. Musical ability runs in my family. My late brother was very musical. (Alas, I am not). That's wonderful news! It's music to my ears! ("Music to my ears" is an idiom for "something good to hear.") In the game of "musical chairs," people walk around chairs while music plays. There is one less chair than there are people. When the music stops, everybody tries to sit down in a chair. "Do I hear music in the distance?" "Yes, there is a musical performance every Sunday evening in the park."
August 26, 2018
Apart from the above " musical " could be a noun as well . It means s play or a film , where music and dancing play a big part in them . " Yesterday we watched a very entertaining musical . "
August 25, 2018
"A musical" is confusing because it is a special case. It is a shortened form of the phrase "A musical comedy." In the full phrase, "musical" is an adjective modifying the word "comedy." "Comedy" means a kind of stage play. Stage plays usually involve ordinary spoken dialog. A "musical comedy" is a play that is musical; there is an orchestra, and from time to time the characters burst into song. Otherwise, "music" is a noun. It is the stuff, as it were. "Musical" is an adjective. It means "have the quality of sounding like music, using music, or making music."
August 26, 2018
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