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recommend a cartoon with songs for a child My daughter (16 months) enjoys watching a couple of Russian cartoons with mostly songs and dances (here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKEblbzoasI&t=22s) Can anyobe recommend a similar format in English please? Peppa Pig, Ben&Holly's Little Kingdom and some others are far too dialogue-based, so she loses interst very quickly. Maybe there are some nursery rhymes with good animation? Or anything else? Thank you!
Aug 25, 2018 9:10 AM
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Hi Tati, In Europe children love a Russian Cartoon called Masha and the Bear. If it's popular in your country as well, you could look for the English version and show it to your kids. Sponge Bob is also very popular but I think it's for more grown-up kids. We also have The Winxs, Frozen, Hotel Transilvania and all the Japanese cartoons.
August 25, 2018
Thank you Natalia, I'm checkinh the link right now. It's a pity the animation is so artificial ;( BTW, some of them seem to be Indian.
August 25, 2018
August 25, 2018
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