what does "I wouldn't be in that orphan's shoes for anything."mean? "Well, of all things that ever were or will be!" ejaculated Mrs. Rachel when she was safely out in the lane. "It does really seem as if I must be dreaming. Well, I'm sorry for that poor young one and no mistake. Matthew and Marilla don't know anything about children and they'll expect him to be wiser and steadier that his own grandfather, if so be's he ever had a grandfather, which is doubtful. It seems uncanny to think of a child at Green Gables somehow; there's never been one there, for Matthew and Marilla were grown up when the new house was built--if they ever WERE children, which is hard to believe when one looks at them. I wouldn't be in that orphan's shoes for anything. My, but I pity him, that's what."does it mean: if i were that orphan, no matter what, i wouldn't come here?
Aug 25, 2018 10:34 AM
Answers · 1
She feels sorry for the orphan and wouldn't like to be in the orphan's place. It's an expression "to be in someone's shoes"
August 25, 2018
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