Tania Starikova
What does it mean:" The places where you have the biggest challenges are the places ... What does it mean:" The places where you have the biggest challenges are the places where you have the most to give"? I'm not sure if I get the 2nd part right. Are these the places to which you have to contribute the most or where you lose or give away the most ?
Aug 25, 2018 7:04 PM
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You can advise in areas you have experience. She's talking about challenges, hence more experience of challenges, more able to advise. Similar, in this context to "learn from your mistakes". . I googled it. I think without the context, the sentence has multiple possible , flakey meanings. One of those saying that can be reused to mean a number of things. . It's a nonesense trying to be a reason. . Tracy McMillan on The Person You Really Need To Marry (Full Transcript) https://singjupost.com/tracy-mcmillan-on-the-person-you-really-need-to-marry-full-transcript/ . If you want the speaker's viewpoint, it is something like this, probably; . She's saying she's been divorced multiple times - why should you listen to her about who to marry? . Her answer is that in the areas she has the most experience, she is best to give advice. . Seem a partial truth to me. Someone else, married successfully for the saem amount of time. might have even better advice? :) . The saying is vague enough to get reused for multiple purposes, not related to her initial justification. .. Anyway, enjoy the talk. .
August 25, 2018
>>Thanks for the answer! It helped a lot. As to Tracy McMillan's talk, her point is that the person she should really have married was herself. Shame on you. :) . The line you quote is just her strange introduction to what she wants to say next, in a way that she hopes will keep you interested. . Her message follows this. That is simply her hook-phrase/clause/sentence/line. . I've not read her stuff, apart form to answer your question. She may have a good message. Her one-liners are, I suspect just interesting ways to phrase that sound profound enough to keep interest up, so her message gets across. . Did she mean she was self-obsessed, or that she needed to accept herself first, before others? With that lead-n, I suspect one of those was her point. As I said, I've not read her stuff, so I cannot say, but seems likely it is one of those. :)
August 25, 2018
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