¿"Might or Could"? I need help please! In my native language (spanish) they have the same meaning. What's their difference and when are they used? :)
Aug 26, 2018 4:10 PM
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Hey Javi, I shall provide you with information regarding the difference amongst these three verbs: * These words are used to talk about ability, awareness, and possibility. They are also used to say that someone has permission to do something. ''Can and ''could'' are called modals, and they both are followed by an infinitive without 'to'. E.g.: ''I envy people who can sing.'' E.g.: ''I could work for twelve hours a day.'' E.g.: ''Do not eat this - it could be poisoned!'' E.g.: ''I can go for a walk now.'' E.g.: ''You should not tell her about your secret - she could make it public! ''Might'' and ''may'' can be used in a similar way. E.g.: ''It might be a trap.'' E.g.: ''Her career may be ruined.'' E.g.: ''I might finish this work when I get home.'' E.g.: ''I may not be able to help you.'' Here is a hint for you: 'Might' is the past tense form of 'may' and it is used to talk about a future event that is a remote possibility.''Could'' and ''Might'' are sometimes referred to as interchangeable verbs - I should think that ''might'' denotes a more remote possibility, though. * NOTE: if you are certain (almost a hundred percent sure) that the camera is not as good as the other one, then you could use 'can' instead of 'might'. Examples: 1) It may not rain today = (you are 50% sure that it is not possible that it will rain today) 2) I might do my homework = (I am 50% sure that I will do my homework) 3) That camera might not be as good as the other one (that camera is not likely to be as good as the other one) 4) I won't buy that camera - it can't be as good as the other one = (I am stating that the camera is not that good - in this case, I am 70% sure that the camera is not worth buying) * NOTICE: The usage of 'Can' reveals a stronger possibility as opposed to that of 'might / may'. Hope that helps!!! :)
August 26, 2018
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