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راح / future Is it possible in Arabic dialects to express a future tense using a verb راح (something like English "going to" pattern for future)?
28 sie 2018 02:29
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in dialect Arabic, in some countries, like Levant, they use the form (راح + present tense) to express the same form of (going to) in English
28 sierpnia 2018
It's also used in the Iraqi (Baghdad) dialect. For example: I'll see you tomorrow. راح أشوفك باچر
29 sierpnia 2018
In Levant dialects they use راح for future tense. Some other dialects use حـ prefixes for future tense and some use هـ. In Moroccan dialect, they use غـ prefixes to mean future tense. Sometimes, Moroccan use غادي instead of غـ. In short, all dialects express future tense before the verb like in MSA سـ and سوف.
28 sierpnia 2018
In fact, this verb is used only in Iraqi dialect and in the nearby region.
29 sierpnia 2018
Yes In Gulf and Levantine راح means Going to , Like راح اكتب In Standard Arabic Going to means سوف or just the letter ســ at the beginning of the verb , Like سوف أكتب or سأكتب In Egyptian dialect Going to means the letter هــــ at the beginning of the verb , Like هاكتب
30 sierpnia 2018
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