questions I at least made a stab at the ritual on the day I finished ‘All the Way from the Top.’ It felt hollow, form from which the magical substance had departed, but I'd expected that. I didn't do it out of superstition but out of respect and love. A kind of memorial, if you will. Or, if you will, Johanna's real funeral service, finally taking place a month after she was in the ground. Question 1: In this case, what’s the meaning of ‘substance?’ Question 2: In this case, what’s the meaning of ‘depart?’ Question 3: form from which the magical substance had departed --- In this case, what's the meaning of 'form?'
Aug 29, 2018 2:15 AM
Answers · 4
Question 2: departed is its plain language definition. " departed...", " left...". Something was there and it isn't anymore. Question 1: Think of the word "empty". In English, the word "empty" can have a qualitative meaning. Often used when something lacks the ability to elicit an emotional response. Here the character is talking about the "ritual" of finishing his book. He doesn't feel anything (good or bad) because Johanna is dead. He feels emotionally numb. So its an "empty" ritual. Its "empty" of a qualitative "substance" that makes the ritual worth performing. Question 3: I'm not sure that this sentence is grammatically correct with "form" in it. Or even if the inclusion of the word was intentional. If it is intentional, then its probably something unique to King's style that I don't understand.
August 29, 2018
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