What is the meaning behind the attached -이지" in end of last sentence? Hey yall, What does the particle ending mean in the ending of this sentence: 이거 너네 아들 축구딤 사진이지? What does the -이지 at the end do to thr work picture?
Aug 29, 2018 5:27 PM
Answers · 3
-이지 is use in a sentence for check something wrong it. -이지는 대상에게 잘못된 것이 있는지 확인하기 위해 쓰는 말끝입니다. that one is same mean a english, 'right, isn't?' 영어의 right, isn't? 와 비슷하게 쓰입니다. here a Example for your understand. 이해를 돕기 위해, 예시를 몇개 적어둡니다. '너 지금 점심먹고있지?' = now, you eat a lunch, right? *'있지' is same '이었지'. '이거, 너네 아빠 물건이지?' = 'it is your daddy's one, right?'
August 29, 2018
August 30, 2018
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