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Samuel Singler
哪个句子有个错误呢? 然后,再把一些*对于*杨家结亲有兴趣的单身男子的数据汇报给杨勇 或者 : 然后,再把一些*对与*杨家结亲有兴趣的单身男子的数据汇报给杨勇。 我不肯定应该用*对于 或者 对与* 我想应该用 对于 。我是对的吗?
2018년 8월 29일 오후 10:05
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The sentence should be interpreted as follows: 然后,再把一些(对(与杨家结亲)有兴趣的)单身男子的数据汇报给杨勇. However, the sentence could have better been written in a direct manner as follows: 然后,再向杨勇汇报一些有兴趣与杨家结亲的单身男子的数据.
2018년 8월 30일
First of all, '对与' should be used here. It's not strange for foreigners to be confused with this kind of expression. I will try my best to explain it in a clear way. You should understand that ‘对于’ is a word in Chinese but '对与' is not an independent word. '对与' is composed of two independent words, '对' and '与'. 然后,再把一些对与杨家结亲有兴趣的单身男子的数据汇报给杨勇。 In this sentence, '与' means (to be married) with somebody. '对' means (to be interested) in something. Lack of either of these two will make the sentence incomplete.
2018년 8월 30일
2018년 8월 29일
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