questions "I like the rug, too. Mr. Ullman, why don't you have all the rugs like that?" Mr. Ullman looked for a moment as if he had sunk his teeth into a lemon. Then he smiled and patted Danny's head. "Those are your quarters," he said, "except for the bath, which opens off the main bedroom. It's not a huge apartment, but of course you'll have the rest of the hotel to spread out in. The lobby fireplace is in good working order, or so Watson tells me, and you must feel free to eat in the dining room if the spirit moves you to do so." He spoke in the tone of a man conferring a great favor. Question 1: What’s the meaning of ‘Mr. Ullman looked for a moment as if he had sunk his teeth into a lemon?’ Question 2: What’s the meaning of ‘opens off?’ ( there was no bathroom in Danny’s room, but there was one right next to the main bedroom? ) Question 3: What’s the meaning of ‘spread out in?’ Question 4: What’s the meaning of ‘conferring a great favor?’
Aug 30, 2018 7:19 AM
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1) He looked like he had tasted a lemon, as you know lemon has a sour taste so for some of us we react to the taste that is what the author is describing. Meaning he didn't like the suggestion about the rugs at all. 2) The way into the bathroom was through the main bedroom. 3) The apartment is small so he can go to other parts of the hotel open to the public so he doesn't feel cramped in a small space. Like the lobby or the dining room. 4) Kings and Queens confer great honours or rewards to loyal subjects. They give. He was acting like he was granting him a big reward.
August 30, 2018
Hi Maggie. 1.‘Mr. Ullman looked for a moment as if he had sunk his teeth into a lemon?’ means he had a horrible look on his face which you get from the sour taste of a lemon, so he wasn't pleased with what Danny had said. 2. ‘opens off’ means that there is a door from the main bedroom which opens into the bathroom. 3. ‘spread out in’ means that he has the rest of space in the hotel to do what he wants. 4. ‘conferring a great favor’ means that he felt that he was doing Danny a really big favor allowing him to eat in the dining room. I hope that helps? Bonnie
August 30, 2018
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