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English Grammar Book Can anyone recommend a good, very basic English grammar book. I'm looking for a book with very simple explanations and lots of not too difficult exercises. Beginner level!
Aug 31, 2018 12:13 AM
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The Cambridge series "Grammar in Use" (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) by Murphy is my favorite. It has two-page lessons (a page of explanations and examples and a page of exercises. Some editions have answers at the back. The Basic level devotes more pages to the basics (John is working, John is not working, Is John working? are three lessons). I like the series. For tutoring, I can use a two-page lesson for an ad hoc review for a problem area. For group classes, I use it for a small dose of grammar among other activities. For motivated students who are capable of self-study, I just hand them the book and wish them well. As a side note, I use extensive reading in my classes and private tutoring. The Oxford Bookworms series and the Penguin Readers series are graded readers from a 200 headword level to a 3000 headword level. The exposure to English in graded readers with audio recording is enjoyable and powerful. My students do about 20 minutes of reading and listening each day and they show strong improvement in listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and to a lesser degree grammar.
August 31, 2018
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