Can someone tell me how to put two verbs together to create a new meaning? For example, how do you make verbs like 求めて叫ぶ (to cry for) and such? How do you put them in a sentence to covey the message that, in this case, they are shouting while requesting something?
Aug 31, 2018 11:19 AM
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In this case the meaning would be "〜するために". And for this verb, you would need object; 〜を求めて 〜する。 Example: 助けを求めて叫ぶ。 Meaning: 助けを求めるために叫ぶ。(They scream to ask for help.) Example: 自由を求めて戦う。 Meaning: 自由を求めるために戦う。(They fight for the freedom.) And another suitable verb is 探す, for instance. Example: めがねを探して歩き回る。 Meaning : めがねを探すために歩き回る。(They walk around to look for glasses.) This rule does not apply for all verbs. You can use て form in many ways according to the context. I recommend you to learn with some example sentences. :)
August 31, 2018
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