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barnacles What does "barnacles" mean in this context? Tully's abs, beneath a crop-top tee, are formidably tight (a physical state the 40-ish Marlo remembers from her own receding youth), and she's a fount of lively chatter and obscure knowledge -- about barnacles, astronomy, Japanese phrases. ("You're like a book of fun facts for unpopular fourth graders," Marlo says, although fondly.)
2018년 8월 31일 오후 12:13
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A 'barnacle' is a small sea creature with a shell, that sticks very tightly and in large numbers to rocks and the bottom of boats
2018년 8월 31일
"Barnacles" are a kind of sea creature. Tully is interested in lots of things. It sounds as if she is interested in nature--specifically biology and astronomy. On land, moss and lichen grows on rocks. At sea, barnacles and seaweed grow on surfaces that are in the sea. You find barnacles on wooden structures in harbors. They grow on the hulls of boats. They grow on rocks at the seashore. They are animals, but they can't move. They are "sessile," like oysters. They stay fixed in one place. They are white. What you usually see is their hard, outer shell. I took this picture of some barnacles. A barnacle is about 1 cm. in size.
2018년 8월 31일
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