Asking about food What is the best way to ask about what ingredients food contains and how dishes are cooked? How about: 这个菜有什么用料? 这个菜怎么做了? Also, I would be interested in any other useful questions you might use to ask about food, when ordering in a restaurant, for example. 谢谢!
Aug 31, 2018 2:54 PM
Answers · 3
It's better to use 这个菜有什么原料? or 这个菜是用什么做的? You see, 用料 is more written Chinese, and 了indicate that an action has been done, such as 我吃饱了. The emphasis of your question should be on 用什么, instead of the action 做. If u visit a restaurant, u may also find these helpful: 1.有什么推荐吗?(any recommendations ?) 2. 点菜 (I want to order) 3. 买单 (check please) 4. 少辣椒 (less spicy, please)
August 31, 2018
这个菜有什么用料?强调做这道菜的组成材料。 这个菜是怎么做的?强调煮菜/烹饪/的方法?
September 3, 2018
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