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Is this sentece natural? Or, how do you say it? I am waiting for you by standing and you are too late. If I say; I heve been a picket / a tree waiting of you.And this; I've been out here for centuries.
Aug 31, 2018 6:40 PM
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In English it is "I have been waiting for ages" "I have been here for ages" {bir ağaç oldum deyim} does not translate into English no one will understand what you mean if you say. "I have become a tree" they will not make the connection with taking root. However we do have a saying "I have taken root" which is similar and still understood by some people. "I have been here so long I have taken root" will be understood. A literal word for word translation of the Turkish Idiom into. "I have become a tree" people will not automatically make the connection. That you are implying they are late you have been "waiting for ages"
August 31, 2018
'I've been out here for centuries.' Would be a way to exaggerate about how long it's taken to wait, 'I've been waiting forever' or 'I've been waiting for days' would be similar ways to communicate a wait that's taken a great deal of time. The tree sentence could be rephrased to 'I've put down roots waiting for you'
August 31, 2018
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