hi there! Are there any differences between confess and admit? when I use the dictionary it shows me the same thing in Turkish. You won't ADMIT you love me And so how am I ever to know? You only tell me Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps So if you really love me, say yes But if you don't, dear, CONFESS And please don't tell me Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
Sep 1, 2018 7:52 PM
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Using Suzana's numbers, I think you were asking about admit (4) and confess (1). Although the dictionary defines these differently, they mean essentially the same: especially in your text, as they are being used poetically. In practice, the words are usually found in specific contexts: 'Admit' is used in the courtroom and in journalism, often to make a witness or statement look bad, as if they hadn't wanted to say something even if they had been willing to. 'Confess' is mostly used to describe telling the truth after a police interrogation, or the act of confession that Catholics perform weekly with a priest.
September 1, 2018
Admit : ( 1 ) Allow someone / something to enter Each ticket admits two persons to the party. ( 2 ) Accept someone into a hospital as a patient or into a school as a pupil He was admitted to hospital with minor burns. Our school admits seventy new boys and girls every year. ( 3 ) Have room for someone/ something The theatre admist only 400 persons. ( 4 ) To recognize something as true often reluctantly He admitted his mistake. ( 5 ) Leave room for something – allow the possibility of something The plan does not admit of improvement. Your conduct admits of no excuse. Confess : ( 1 ) Say formally that one has committed a crime or something wrong The prisoner confessed that he had murdered her. The politician confessed that he received bribe for this project. In your case, it's number 3 - she should recognize the truth and tell it once forever.
September 1, 2018
There's another important usage difference between this use of "confess" and "admit". "Admit" is always a so-called transitive verb: you have to "admit <something>" so you can't just put "admit" at the end of a sentence. In contrast, "confess" doesn't have to be used transitively, so you can say either say "He/She confess <something>" or just say "He/She confessed". If you were using admit, you'd have to say "He admitted it".
September 1, 2018
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