would you please correct my sentences? Is that ok to say (we are so friends from now)? If is it ok this sentence please tell me. Because I was with my family at the same table and one of them came from Europe. last night I became very freind to him and I told him (we are so freind from now). I am worried if I made mistake. or I have to say we have become friends from now? I am so friend with you is correct?
Sep 1, 2018 8:26 PM
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I'm not a native English speaker but I would say "so are we friends now?" because the auxiliary verb, that is "are", should be before the subject(we) and normally at the beginning of the phrase. The "so" sounds really strange and unusual being at the center of the phrase, because it sticks together two phrases. Also, "from" is unnecessary but I'm not that sure of it. Just because, I'd rather not use it. I repeat that I'm not a native English speaker so there may be something wrong
September 1, 2018
We are SO friends from now This is slang and is not correct. You might hear it in spoken English by school children but you would not see it written. The SO is pronounced loudly for emphasis. Correct examples would be : Are we friends now? We are friends. We became friends when we met on holiday.
September 1, 2018
If you are trying to ask if this person is your friend now, you would say "So are we friends from now on?" "I am so friend with you" - I'm not sure what your trying to say here but you can say: "I am good friends with you" to tell this person you have a close friendship with them. Or If you are asking them whether or not you are friends with each other you would say "So, am I friends with you?"
September 1, 2018
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