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Word for "Monkey" Hello, I am wondering how you say "monkey" in Bengali. I have come across two different translations. বাঁদর and বানুর What is the difference between these two? Which is more commonly used? Is one more common in Bangladesh and one more common in India? They also sound a little similar, so maybe they are just similar words? Thanks for any help!
Sep 2, 2018 2:00 AM
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Monkey is called honumaan. Bandor or or baanur that you wrote, usually refers to chimpanzees or higher breeds of monkeys.
September 2, 2018
Etymology: As Darshana Dewashi has pointed out, বানুর is a corruption (অপভ্রংশ). To clarify however বানুর is not a corruption of the word বাঁদর, rather they are are both corruptions of the Sanskrit vānar(বানর/वानर), as is the word বান্দর mentioned by Bhuiyan A. Hojaief. The word বান্দর (बान्दर) is the word used in Hindi—perhaps it has come into Bengali through Hindi. As tomcat pointed out বানর or বান্দর are rarely used—this is certainly my experience living in West Bengal for over 10 years. However, I have to admit I have not spent enough time in Bangladesh for the topic of monkeys to come up in conversation that much ;-) So it’s safe to say that বাঁদর, বানর/বানুর, বান্দর are interchangeable, but বাঁদর is probably your go to. However as a foreign speaker of Bengali, in the beginning I would find it easier to pronounce বানর—just to avoid the nasal sound.
January 25, 2019
বাঁদর is the exact word বানুর is অপভ্রংশ of বাঁদর
January 9, 2019
Everyone will understand if you say বাঁদর. বানুর is wrong. বানর or বান্দর is rarely used.
September 24, 2018
বানর, বাঁদর = in general বান্দর = in accent
September 8, 2018
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