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Genitiv with nouns that ends with "e" and has der as an atricle Der Erfolg des Restaurants hängt der freundlichkeit des "services" ab. why "des services" not "des servicen", i thought there is a rule that if a noun takes "der" and ends with "e", in the genitiv it ends with "n" not "s"?
2 Th09 2018 19:44
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"Der Service" is a modern loanword from English and has kept the English spelling, although the final -e is not pronounced. There are two ways to form the genitive case: you can either treat it like a German word that ends in -s which does not take any additional ending --> des Service, or you can adopt the English possessive form (service's) into German and just drop the apostrophe -> des Services. Both forms are accepted. I personally prefer the former one.
3 tháng 9 năm 2018
"Service" isn't originally a German word - it's an anglicism. You don't pronounce the "-e" when you say it. That's why the rule doesn't apply. Also, in your example, there is a word missing between "hängt" and "der". ;)
2 tháng 9 năm 2018
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