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Question from a movie "Captain America: Civil War" This is the scene after the UN building was bombed. Sam Wilson: She tell you to stay out of it? Might have a point. Steve Rogers: He'd do it for me. Sam Wilson: 1945, maybe. I just want to make sure we considered all our options. The people that shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me. Sharon Carter: Tips have been pouring in since that footage went public. Everybody thinks the Winter soldier goes to their gym. Most of its noise. Except for this. My boss expects a briefing, pretty much now... so that's all the head start you're gonna get. Steve Rogers: Thank you. Sharon Carter: And you're gonna have to hurry. We have orders to shoot on sight. I don't understand what Sharon Carter is trying to say here from "Tips have been..." to "Most of its noise." Could anyone explain it? Or is it something I need to know the context to understand? I only know the Winter soldier to be the villain in the previous Captain America film that I didn't see.
Sep 3, 2018 9:48 PM
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It's been awhile since I've seen the movie but if I remember correctly, Steve is trying to find the Winter Soldier, whose real identity is that of his friend Bucky, who was thought to be dead after the first Captain America movie. When Sharon says "Tips have been pouring in since that footage went public," she means that people have been calling in to provide tips, or information, about the winter soldier. Its typical when a crime occurs that law enforcement agencies will release an image, or a video clip, and set up a telephone line for people to call in if they've seen or know the individual in the image/video clip. Known as a tip line or a hotline. "Everybody thinks the winter soldier goes to their gym." The people calling in to the tip line think the winter soldier looks like a member of their gym. "Most of its noise." She means that most of the tips being provided by people are dead ends, useless and incorrect information. The tips being provided are just noise or distractions that take time to corroborate and don't provide any meaningful information. I hope this helps! :')
September 3, 2018
tips have been pouring in= lots of people have been calling to say that they have information ("tip" has lots of meanings, buit one of them is "useful information"; if something is "pouring in," it is being added very quickly.) Most of it is noise= information analysts talk about the "signal" (useful information) and "noise" (bad, useless information that makes it hard to find the signal.) Most of the information is bad. Everyone thinks the Winter Soldier goes to their gym: Most of the calls are about random athletic people who look a bit like the Winter Soldier.
September 3, 2018
In this case, "tips" refers to people calling the police to report they know about a crime or the location of a criminal. In the movie she is saying people are calling to report where the winter soldier is located. "Most of it is just noise" means the reports are not accurate.
September 3, 2018
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