Might ''after'' have the same meaning as ''past'' While I was watching a movie, I have come across this line from a character: ''No more typing now, Miss Ashton. It's well after ten''. I realize that ''after'' is used to mean that it is some minutes past ten (for instance, it could be 10:40 p.m.). So, what I really want to know is whether I can substitute ''after'' for ''past'' (and whether the sentence would still have the same meaning)?! Thank you in advance.
Sep 5, 2018 12:53 AM
Answers · 4
No more typing now Luiz, it is well after midnight; it is well past midnight. Is that the time? Wow, I didn't know it was way past midnight already! What is the time? Here it is half past 11 in the morning. English people can say "it's half eleven" which is our 10:30. "after' and 'past' can be substituted in most instances, but not always. I work in the afternoon. (not past-noon).
September 5, 2018
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