What is meant by "liability issues" ? Hello, This is the context where the expression apeared: "There was no way anybody would actually attack me, would they? I mean, Olympus had to have liability issues, right?" Now here, a twelve-year-old boy has joined a summer camp supervised by the Gods of Olympus. In this quote, he is talking to himself after participating in a game that involves weapons and fighting. The question is, what did he mean by "liability issues"? Taking into consideration that the boy has a cynical sense of humour. Thank you!
Sep 5, 2018 3:40 AM
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Hello. In the UK companies or individuals providing a service or product are usually obliged to have public liability insurance, to cover costs and compensation in the event of someone being injured as a result of using their product or service. If for example a kid at a summer camp was injured because a piece of equipment, like a swing or whatever, broke, or as the result of negligence wandered off and got lost and injured - anything like that - then the organisers of the camp could be held liable to pay compensation and possibly a fine. As Jerry said, this would be decided in court, i.e whether or not the organisation could be proved not to have taken the necessary steps to prevent such an accident occurring. Here liable has the same sense as responsible, or culpable, as in to be found responsible for the incident or culpable for the injury suffered. The humour here is in talking about the gods of Olympus as if they are just any other organisation and have to comply with the law, rather than a bunch of capricious overlords who do whatever they want.
September 5, 2018
So in the quote, Olympus would take responsibility for the wrongdoings of the campers if they harm the boy. And Olympus would be questioned legally? Did I get it right? Thanks again
September 5, 2018
If I directly, or indirectly, hurt you (I was negligent) I could be liable (responsible) for the damages you suffer. I would be “liable” for your damages. But You can also be a responsible party (person) for the action, even if you didn’t do the action (the wrong ) yourself. I could be held responsible for something my employee (or child) did; I could be held “liable” for his/her actions. I may have to pay for the actions of people who report to me. They represent me, they are my agent. It is a legal question and by no means black or white. Ultimately decided in a court.
September 5, 2018
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