What is the meaning of following sentence? 첫 음절만들어도 가슴뭉클한 멜로디 밤잠을 설치며 돌려보던 그 명장면 세월이 흘러도 마음을 울리는 한 구절의글 우리가 읽고 듣고 보았던 추억 속 명장면 으로의 산책 (What does 으로의 means in this sentence?) Thank you!
Sep 5, 2018 8:52 AM
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- 첫 음절만 들어도 가슴 뭉클한 멜로디 - 밤잠을 설치며 돌려 보던 그 명장면 - 세월이 흘러도 마음을 울리는 한 구절의 글 - 우리가 읽고 듣고 보았던 - 추억 속 명장면으로의 산책 - A melody that moves your heart from the first note, - that great scene you repeat-watched late into the night - a phrase that resonates in your heart after all these years. - It's a walk through masterpiece scenes in memory - that we read, heard, or watched at one time. 명장면으로의 산책 means "a walk/stroll(산책) to/through the great scenes". In a verb phrase, you'd use 으로 (to, toward), as in 명장면으로 산책하다. When you make it a noun phrase on 산책, simply making it 명장면으로 산책 is unnatural. You need to add the possessive 의 to make the adverbial part fully belong to the noun. As another example, a statement like 친구와 대화했다 would become a noun phrase 친구와의 대화. A similar case in English might be: - I toured Northern Europe => my tour of Northern Europe ("of" is added).
September 5, 2018
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