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she looked back with longing on good old days would you explain this sentence and what the meaning of ,longing on good old days, is? thank you in advance
Sep 5, 2018 5:36 PM
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Hey Mona, how are you? I hope you are doing just fine! ''She looked back with longing on good old days''. I shall provide you with information on the meaning of the sentence you provided. Firstly, you should break the sentence down so as to understand each idiom that is being used in the context above: the preposition ''on'' goes with the phrasal verb ''look back'', which forms the full form of it, which is ''look back on/upon (something)''; and the expression ''with longing (for/on something)'' is considered to have the same meaning as ''with craving for something'' or ''with an enormous desire for something''. Below you shall find detailed information on the usage of these expressions: 1) ''Look back on/upon (someone or something)'': it means to ''remember or think about the past'' / to direct one's gaze backward (to the past)'': E.g.: ''When Mom looked back on the early days of their marriage, she wondered how they'd managed with so little money''. E.g.: ''I couldn't help but look back upon my childhood days the moment I stepped into that old yard''. 2) ''With longing (for/on something)''': with a great ''desire'' or ''wish'' for something (often unattainable or distant): E.g.: ''I was filled with longing for home''. E.g.: ''She had felt a sudden longing to see old friends''. E.g.: ''She looked at the cakes with longing''. * As regards your question, the sentence conveys the idea that the person remembers and also misses her life in the past with a strong desire for the old good days, and then she wishes she could return to it. She feels a certain kind of yearning for something pleasant that has been lost through the years. Hope that helps!!! :) Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I shall be pleased to help.
September 5, 2018
So the phrase "longing on the good old days" has no meaning by itself. The sentence can be broken up into three parts, "she looked back," "with longing," and, "on the good old days." "she looked back," by itself can mean to look backwards (i.e. Behind you), but here, because it says, "on the good old days" it means she's "looking back" in time to the good old days, in other words, she's reminiscing about the past, recalling fond memories. You can also "look back" to a time of hardship, it basically means you're remembering and thinking about the past. "with longing" here means with a desire to return to the point in time she's reminiscing about.
September 5, 2018
She remembers her life in the past with longing. She misses that life, wishes she could return to it. "On" here goes with "looks" / she looks on the good old days / she looks with longing. "She looks on the good old days" means she remembers good times in the past. "With longing" means she has a bittersweet feeling of yearning for something pleasant that has been lost.
September 5, 2018
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