Is this dialogue OK? (by car) Person A - Why are you driving so fast? / Why are you going so fast? Person B - Lest we are late.And these two? Why have you speeded up? I'm scared. Why have you accelerated? I'm scared.
Sep 5, 2018 11:44 PM
Answers · 2
Lest is not used as often as it used to be, and it is not an answer to a question. It is saying I (you) am/are going fast in case we may be late. "I have to hurry (sped up) I/we may be late" = a more modern sentence.
September 6, 2018
Most people don't use the word lest anymore. You would more likely say "we are running a little late" or "because we are a little late". Changed speeded to sped
September 6, 2018
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