Can "在我心" be interpreted as "to me" in English? *I'm so sorry, I mislabeled this question* 在我心意大利女人最美丽了? To me Italian women are the most beautiful? 你太美在我心? You are so beautiful to me? When do you use particle 了verses not? 非常感谢!
Sep 6, 2018 1:10 AM
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你太美在我心?不通顺 在我心里你太美了?通顺
September 6, 2018
Italian women are the most beautiful to me direct translation from English:意大利姑娘是最美丽的对我来说 Chinese common use:对我来说意大利姑娘是最美丽的 if you want to express strong feeling: Wow!在我心意大利女人最美丽了! Chinese often take adverbial ahead You are so beautiful TO ME. 对我来说(adverbial)你很美丽。 你太美在我心 is wrong use,you say 在我心中(adverbial),你太美了 That's means:You are very beautiful IN MY HEART
September 8, 2018
在我心里,意大利女人最美。 在我心里 means In my heart/deep down 意大利女人最美了! 太美了! 太好了! ”太...了/最...了” usually goes with exclamation mark.
September 6, 2018
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