Does it sound natural to say " throw an object from high-rise buildings ."? Does this sentence sound natural and correct to native speakers ? In China , there's a newly issued law that forbids people from throwing an object from the high-rise buildings . I'm not sure if it's a good way to put it , basically what I'm trying to say is that , if you live on the tenth floor and you throw an egg out of your window and there happens to be someone walking past the apartment building , the egg might hit him in the head and it will cause serious injury or even death . So how should I describe this law ? Can anyone help me out with it ? Thanks a lot !
Sep 6, 2018 5:01 AM
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There are different ways you could put it, e.g. - The new law forbids the throwing of any object from high rise buildings - The new law forbids the throwing of objects from any high rise building - The new law forbids throwing objects from high rise buildings Or more colloquially - The law says/states you can’t drop or throw anything from a high rise building There’s no need for the definite article (the) before ‘high-rise buildings’ as the context is all high-rise buildings, not just a particular group of high rise buildings.
September 6, 2018
yes your sentence is fine. In the UK on a public sign/notice it would say something like these example. (trash garbage Is American and understood, on the street ,but not used on official notices) "The throwing of Rubbish from windows is forbidden" "Throwing rubbish from windows is not permitted" "the throwing of rubbish from windows, is an offence punishable by Six months imprisonment or a fine of £50,000" We do have very high tens of thousand of £'s fine for some offences to scare people, but in reality a judge would be required to look at a persons income, and punish accordingly. But if a company or it's workers threw rubbish from windows then the high fines would be applied. if the sign was produced by an official department it would be much longer but the key words would be forbidden/ not permitted.
September 6, 2018
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