are the meaning of "David Hall" and "D. N. Hall" same in the text? MR.HALL:I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day. ATTENDANT:Can you describe it,sir? MR.HALL:It's a small blue case and it's got a zip.There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it. ATTENDANT:Is this case yours? MR.HALL:No,that's not mine. ATTENDANT:What about this one?This one's got a label. MR.HALL:Let me see it. ATTENDANE:What's your name and address? MR.HALL:David Hall, 83, Bridge Street. ATTENDANT:That's right.D. N. Hall, 83, Bridge Street. ATTENDANT:Three pounds fifty pence,please MR.HALL:Here you are. ATTENDANT:Thank you. MR.HALL:Hey! ATTENDANT:What's the matter? MR.HALL:This case doesn't belong to me!You've given me the wrong case! 1.are the meaning of "David Hall" and "D. N. Hall" same in the text? Is the abbreviation for David "D"? what about the"N" ? 2. if "David Hall" and "D. N. Hall" have the same meaning.why did the attendant get MR. Hall the wrong case?
Sep 6, 2018 9:23 AM
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The mans name is D Hall. (we will assume Mr David Hall. for our example) There was another man who had a case whose name may have been Mr David Nicholas Hall. The Attendant asks are you Mr D N Hall. (Mr D N Hall was how the other man David Nicholas describes himself). Mr David Hall says no I am not D N Hall, because he either writes His Name as Mr David Hall or Mr D Hall. (with no N as a middle name). It could also be a different bridge street, bridge streets exists in many towns and cities in English speaking countries, especially the UK. There are bridge streets near almost every river crossing, that is how we used to navigate a long time ago.
September 6, 2018
Hi Tom; This is almost fun. A bit of punctuation at play here. The first man is David Hall of 83 Bridge st. The second man is D. N. (middle name) Hall who is 83 years old and also lives of Bridge St. Can you see the difference, now? I hope I've been helpful, Stephen
September 6, 2018
September 9, 2018
The reason that it is confusing, is that David Hall COULD BE D. N. Hall. At the same address, it appears that it is the same person. However, we do not know David’s middle name. Perhaps his middle name is Alan. Then his case would say D. A. Hall. But, as we can see, David says he is not D. N. So though he is D, he says he is not D. N. Because they have the same address, it could be his father?
September 6, 2018
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