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Laura Nilson
대학교를 들어요 or 대학교에서 들어요? I want to say "get into college", like, "get entrance"

I saw this sentence with "를" but im wondering if is ok with "에서"

Also, It keeps the same meaning with "에서"? "Get into college"... or it turns to another meaning?

Sep 6, 2018 1:00 PM
Answers · 3
대학교'를' 들어요<< '를' is incorrect. and that means awful. I have a lesson in college.>>대학교에서 강의를 들어요. 대학교 is place. so We can't heard 대학교. '에서' is correct but need an objective.
September 9, 2018
Hi Laura , I can answer for you ! 대학교에서 들어요: ~ 에서 means " from" or "at". for example, I take the Korean class at the college. this means "나는 한국어를 대학교에서 들어요." 대학교를 들어요 : This sentence looks a little bit weird. ~를 , or 을 usually after object. For example, I see the book. ( English case : S + V+ O) and if translated in Korean Korean case : ( S + O + V) so .. the sentence can be 나는 책을 보아요. ( 봅니다.) 나 ( I ) + 는 ( one of the particles a) 책 ( book) 을 봅니다(see). So bottom line is that 대학교에서 들어요 seems to be better. Or if you can provide more information before or after the sentence and then we can find right ones ! I hope this is helpful for you! Thanks and good luck ! Michelle
September 6, 2018
What is it that you want to say ? register school ? going school ? leaving school ?
September 6, 2018
Laura Nilson
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