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Adjectives order in English Adjectives' order in English A few years ago I was told there is a specific order for adjectives in English (opinions first, then size, shape and so on). I never really learned it and I rather tried to follow the "rythm" of the language. I guess it partly worked because " a yellow marvellous flower" doesn't sound right to me. But I often say " an Indian native speaker" when I found out I should actually say "a native Indian speaker", and started to question the way I place adjectives. Should I worry about this and try to fix it? Learning all the categories seems impractical to me, especially for spoken English. Do you have any advice?
Sep 6, 2018 10:08 PM
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Children learning English as their native language do NOT learn a list for adjective order. They go by logic. First, you are describing a yellow flower. It is a yellow flower that is marvellous. It is a marvellous yellow flower. Second, you mentioned a speaker of the Indian language. An Indian speaker. Is Indian his second language? No. He is a native Indian speaker. I wouldn't worry about memorizing lists. Just think it through in a logical order. Hope this is of some help.
September 6, 2018
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