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the use of "take over" I have seen the use of "take their ranch over" and "take over a company" so take sth. over and take over sth. are both right to use, right? and they are the same meaning? Thanks a lot.
7 sept. 2018 07:42
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Hi Mayi! Yes, "take over" is a phrasal verb that can be split, meaning you can put a noun/pronoun in the middle. And no, there is no difference in meaning in the case you describe. Best, Mike.
7 septembre 2018
Yes. says At a glance, the idea of splittable versus unsplittable phrasal verbs can seem like an additional layer of frustrating confusion. But ESL students can take heart. There is a very simple rule to determine whether a phrasal verb can be split or not: if a phrasal verb has a direct object, it can be split by its direct object. If it has no direct object, it can’t be split at all!
7 septembre 2018
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