What does " It pushes negative notions of female taste and subjectivity. " mean? Could you explain? 1950s critics separated themselves from the masses by rejecting the ‘natural’ enjoyment afforded by products of mass culture through judgments based on a refined sense of realism. For example, in most critics championing Douglas Sirk’s films’ social critique, self-reflexivity, and, in particular, distancing effects, there is still a refusal of the ‘vulgar’ enjoyments suspected of soap operas. This refusal again functions to divorce the critic from an image of a mindless, pleasure-seeking crowd he or she has actually manufactured in order to definitively secure the righteous logic of ‘good’ taste. It also pushes negative notions of female taste and subjectivity. Critiques of mass culture seem always to bring to mind a disrespectful image of the feminine to represent the depths of the corruption of the people. What does " It also pushes negative notions of female taste and subjectivity. " mean?
Sep 7, 2018 3:14 PM
Answers · 4
The author is saying that the critics who favor Douglas Sirk's style consider the enjoyment of soap operas to be, in effect, a sign of bad taste and low intelligence. The fans of soap operas are overwhelmingly female, so the author believes that the critics are implicitly saying women have mindless bad taste because women are more likely to watch soap operas. The author is clearly opposed to this point of view, and believes that the critics are being degrading to females in order to position themselves as people with good taste.
September 7, 2018
It means something along the lines of: "It also goes to suggest that women have bad taste (women like things that aren't always objectively good)" This line means that many (wrongly) may be brought to believe that women do not have good taste by things in the article bringing them to this conclusion. Sorry, this is very complicated to explain! I hope I could help..
September 7, 2018
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