unique creation Does "Posters were not the unique creation of any warring government" in the beginning of the following paragraph mean: 1. Poster were not limited to war posters and existed since the 1860's or 2. War posters were not the innovation of a single government in war Context: Official War Posters Posters were not the unique creation of any warring government. The first coloured posters appeared in the 1860s, and the ensuing years saw more sophisticated printing presses and lithographic methods. The publicity aspect of war posters had its origin in pre-twentieth-century broadsides – posted, official announcements developed using letterpress, a derivative of the oldest mechanical printing method. Early twentieth century war posters were also often textual but increasingly included a prominent visual image. The captions were short, to produce an immediate and lasting response. By 1914, posters were a common advertising medium used to promote all aspects of any war effort.
Sep 8, 2018 5:11 AM
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Both could be said to be true, however if this is an either/or question then I'd go with 2, as the text clearly states this is the case, in the first line, and the text is mainly about war posters, rather than any kind of poster.
September 8, 2018
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