Shadi heidari
What's the different between "relation" ,"relationship" ,"relative" in theses sentences ? 1.The study found a strong relationship between a lack of friends .....

2.Whether you think the price is high is relative to the amount of ....

3.I am writing in relation to the job advertising ....

I can't understand the different between these words in these sentences ?

for example why it uses relative in number 2 and dos not use related?!?

Sep 8, 2018 12:01 PM
Answers · 4
The word "relation" can mean a connection by blood, marriage or in other ways. 1. The study found a strong relationship (emotional bond or connection) between a lack of friends ..... 2. Whether you think the price is high is relative ( in connection with ) to the amount of ... 3. I am writing in relation (in regard or reference) to the job advertising .... Hope this helps
September 8, 2018
Thanks for your answer
September 9, 2018
For number 2, relative implies it can fluctuate. You could use related. It still makes sense. If I say, "It is relative," I mean depending on circumstances, it can change. If I say, "It is related," I mean there is a strong connection between the two without the nuisance of fluctuating factors. A relationship is just a noun and otherwise means the same thing as related. Just grammatically, it'll be used differently.
September 8, 2018
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