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How hard is German to learn? I'm a native English speaker with a good background in Spanish, French, and Russian. I'm good with grammar and pronunciation, but my weak spot is in listening. How hard would German be for me to learn?
Sep 8, 2018 3:55 PM
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Well, if you are really interested in the language it won't be such a big deal for you. But I wouldn't recommend studying German if it's only "half-hearted" since the grammar can be really hard for foreigners. If you visit Germany, you will notice that even Germans don't use their language correctly (for example the tenses of verbs). I don't want to demotivate you, though. xD
September 8, 2018
If you love it, it's so easy but if you don't so hard!
September 13, 2018
I am sure you can learn it because you speak already a few languages and if you are motivated to learn it, then you will achieve that, of course. However, if you heard or read some comments about how difficult this language is, I have to say you that they say the truth. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that one life is too short to learn German. Maybe uncle Oscar was a little bit excessive, but I agree with him :))
September 9, 2018
That would depend on you. So you could try. Also often people just seem to skip certain aspects and still can make themselves understood. If you can find someone or something (media) with clear and slow enough speaking, listening should be doable too. Is doable a word?
September 9, 2018
Most people find German grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to be the hardest parts of the learning process, so I don’t think it will be that hard for you, plus you have already learned a few languages so you know how to do that
September 8, 2018
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