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It vs this; them 1. What's the difference between it and this? Any rule of thumb? 2. Phrases: put them hands on the air or how do you fill it in them jeans. Why "them" is used?
2018年9月9日 10:41
Answers · 2
1. It's a "rule of finger", in fact! :) We use "this" to mean we are indicating the object. Sometimes we are literally pointing at it. "It" doesn't carry this meaning. 2. "Put them hands in the air" - "Them" might be used to mean "those", but this is a very non-standard use. If you use "them" in this way, it will sound as if you are trying to copy (or mock?) a particular group of people. :) I have no idea where you found the second phrase (the middle part sounds simply wrong, even in a slang context), but "them jeans" means "those jeans", just like in the first phrase.
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