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Explain the difference 勉強する and 学ぶ , ください。 What is the difference in meaning between 勉強する and 学ぶ These both mean "study." Is there a difference in meaning between them? When might you use one or the other? ありがとう。
Sep 9, 2018 7:48 PM
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**** First answer: Practicaly (= in most cases) 「勉強する」and 「学ぶ」 share the same meaning, interexchangeable. OK: 工学(engineering)を勉強しています OK: 工学(engineering)を学んでいます。 (I'm learning/studying engineering.) They are virtually same. OK:学校で勉強したことは、その時は無駄に思えても、後からきっと役に立つものなんだ OK:学校で学んだことは、その時は無駄に思えても、後からきっと役に立つものなんだ (What you learn in school, though it has seemed useless then, sure helps you later.) However ..... OK : 学校の勉強は大変だ。(It is so hard to study in school) NG? : 学校の学びは大変だ。 (A child shouts) OK: もう勉強したくない、やだ!(I don't want to study anymore ! No!) NG? : もう学びたくない、やだ! OK: 大学に合格するためには一生懸命、勉強しなければならない     (you have to study hard to pass the entrance examination of the university) NG?: 大学に合格するためには一生懸命、学ばなければならない OK: ここはシュタイナーの自由学校。みんなが自由に学んでいるわ。    (This is the Steiner's school. Everybody is learning freely here) NG?: ここはシュタイナーの自由学校。みんなが自由に勉強しているわ。 OK: ここは喫茶店です。勉強はご遠慮ください。(It is a caffe here, Please refrain from studying) NG: ここは喫茶店です。学ぶのはご遠慮ください。 OK: 人はもっと自然から学ばなければならない(Human should learn more from the nature) NG: 人はもっと自然から勉強しなければならない ※ NG? : implies "strange" Then what makes those differences? ( to be continued. )
September 10, 2018
Hi, 勉強するmeans "to study"' whereas 学ぶ means "to learn"
September 9, 2018
What is difference between study and learn. If you don't mind, please tell me. In my understanding, study: acquire knowlede especially by means of books. learn : acquire knowledge widely by study, experience, or being taught. ex. 学校で勉強する ok - I feel ok 学校で学ぶ ok - I feel ok 机に向かって勉強する - I feel ok 机に向かって学ぶ - I feel that it is not used much 自然災害に勉強する - I feel that it is not used much 自然災害に学ぶ - I feel ok
September 10, 2018
I think 勉強 and 学ぶ are nearly same, then they are exchangeable. But not completely equal. In addition, I have a image on 勉強 is done with stress. On your example, you are doing homework and homework is given by teacher and may have to been done until tomorrow. Then I understand that study is suitable in this case. I realized that I don’t write this. “I feel that study is 勉強, and learn is 学び (or 学習).” It is the same as the previous answer by Paola Seminara. There is also such examples. 「今回の仕事はいい勉強になった」 In this case, 「今回の仕事はいい学びになった」 I feel something wrong.
September 10, 2018
so does that mean that in Japanese, the verbs are used the same way?
September 10, 2018
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