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What kind of books would you recommend for a beginner in English? I'm talking about literature, not didactic books. I really like fantasy, for example: Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, etc. I would like to read classics someday too, like Jane Austen, George Orwell, Virginia Woolf, Emily Brontë, etc. I already read those writers' books in my native tongue (Portuguese, I'm brazilian) and I really liked it.
Sep 10, 2018 5:38 PM
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The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis The Golden Compass (and sequels) by Philip Pullman The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin The Wind on the Moon by Eric Linklater Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll These should not be hard work to read, but they will stretch your imagination. I read them to my children, the language isn't too hard, but I enjoyed them myself, which is why I recommend them. George Orwell is worth a try: his writing style was very simple and direct, if you like him you might try Laurie Lee or Norman Lewis. Many people like the books of Terry Pratchett too, perhaps you should decide for yourself. As a rule I would recommend newer rather than older books for a beginner; C. S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll and Eric Linklater are exceptions because of the simplicity of their prose.
September 10, 2018
I'd recommend Alex Rider and A Series of Unfortunate Events Incredible books.
September 12, 2018
Thank you very much Tamara. I will try it :)
September 10, 2018
Hey there! I really like a collection of books called HUB Teen Readers. It's adjusted to your level, and there's a cd, so you can also practice pronunciation and listening skills. For beginner students, I usually start with "The Secret Garden". It's a great story and easy to comprehend, although still challenging. https://www.sbs.com.br/sp/the-secret-garden-hub-teen-readers-stage-2-book-with-audio-cd.html Cheers!
September 10, 2018
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