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sano k
معنى گيرجوش اين روزها سعى ميكنم بيشتر از قبل سريال نگاه كنم ، در يك صحنه سريال يكى گفته " آن يكم گيرجوشه "

سوال من اينه كه گير جوش يعنى چى؟؟

Sep 11, 2018 9:20 AM
Answers · 6
We don't have گیرجوش in Persian. please check it again. you may made mistake. good luck!
September 11, 2018
Hi, we have دیر جوش The meaning depends on the sentence. دیر جوش it can refer to somthing that will be boiling difficult I mean it takes a long time to be boiled. The second meaning refers to someone that his personality is likes he does not get intimacy with others easily. It takes a long time that he will be warm or a close friend with someone. This a common phrase. The opposite is زود جوش for both. For example a person who will be warm and close with others easily and in a rather short time. Also زود جوش sometimes refers to someone who will be angry quickly and easily. Also we have دیر پز، زود پز دیر پز it means something that will be cooked in a long time. For example the meat of an old cow. زود پز has two meaning. The first means something that will be cooked in a rather short time not a long time. The second meaning is "the pressure cooker"
September 11, 2018
احتمالا اصطلاحی که شنیدید "دیر جوش" بوده introvert or a bit cold person
November 16, 2018
sano k
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