Bhuiyan A. Hojaief
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What is the "word" for doing/ saying always (unconsciously)? Like: The bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan always use the word "wow" while talking. There are pretty much same thing people usually do. Like some people has a habit to play with pen/ hair or some people just use particular words. First I thought it was filler words, but this sorts of words are only use when you don't find the appropriate word to express yourself, if I'm not mistaken.
Sep 11, 2018 9:32 AM
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Hi Bhuiyan, They are called "interjections" and are used to solidify the statement. Interjections are mostly known as exclamations, and these are weak forms of such. They appear quite casual but they are used to make sure you are understanding or "getting the point". Some people finish almost every sentence with "you know?". When I was a kid we said "dig it?", meaning "do you get it?". I hope this helps. Thank you, Stephen
September 11, 2018
Do you mean something like a verbal 'quirk', ‘spleen’ or ‘whim’? I don't think that filler words or interjections are to compare with them. They have special functions, whereas unconsciously spoken words (LIKE or EHM) don't have a certain meaning. In the best case, they may function as mental valves or bridges in order to connect the incomplete part of the message to the next word.
September 11, 2018
Difficult question, not something I’ve really though about. I’ve read the phrase ‘crutch words’ for words that are used to fill up a silence, or when the person doesn’t know how to say what they mean. ‘Buzz words’ is another phrase, meaning words that are popular or have particular meaning in a given context. Filler words is probably closest though, or you could call it a verbal tic, as a habit like playing with a pen can be described as a tic.
September 11, 2018
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