Tony Ama
How to write an email to my supervisor to ask for a casual leave for an interview? I am a student currently on a 4-month work term (with flexibility to extend to 8 months). I just received an email telling that I was invited to an interview which will be on next Tuesday. I am now writing an email to my supervisor to ask for a casual leave. My problem is that the employer asked me if I want to work for more than 4 months during the interview (and even last week), and I said yes. Also, I have only worked here for just one week. So how should I properly write this email so that my supervisor will not think that I don't like this job? I really enjoy collaborating with my sooo nice co-workers on the amazing projects. However, I also look forward to opportunities allowing me to do some other different jobs, so that I can be more certain about what kind of job I want to do in the future. Appreciate any help!
Sep 12, 2018 2:04 AM
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You say that you like the job, but then again, you are applying for a different one. If you really "liked" the job, you would be looking forward to extending it to 8 months, not interviewing for a different one. You need to do two things here: one is to be honest with yourself about what you are doing, and the second is to lie to your boss. A hospital appointment, a family problem, something unavoidable. Keep it simple, and don't tell more than a minimum: if they ask afterwards, say you would rather not talk about it. Don't look cheerful, as if the problem has gone away: you may need more days off for further interviews.
September 12, 2018
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