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値段 と 代金 と金額 の違いは何ですか? =
Sep 12, 2018 5:55 AM
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Lilianeさんの回答と同意見です。 **** 値段: market value represented by money. OK:わたしの値段 (Try google-ing it with this word) NG:わたしの金額 NG:わたしの代金 **** 代金: money for the price of things. OK: おいしくなかったら代金はお返しします。 NG: おいしくなかったら値段はお返しします。 NG: おいしくなかったら金額はお返しします。 代金:real money, 値段、金額:conception, number **** 金額: amount of money OK:貯金の金額 NG:貯金の代金 NG:貯金の値段
September 12, 2018
値段is expressed in monetary value, so that it can be used as "market price", etc. It is a word with emphasis on VALUE. 代金is the amount paid for buying things and using the service, with an emphasis on the MEANING of money. 金額 is not limited to the meaning of money to be paid for buying and selling goods, but refers to the AMOUNT of money.
September 12, 2018
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