Is it correct to use "shall" with "You"? Hi friends, Is it correct to use "shall" with "You"? (second person) e.g. You shall be asked to work extra hours time to time by the Management. Thanks in advance. Niwantha
Sep 12, 2018 10:29 AM
Answers · 6
Shall can work but to me using the word "will" for the context to be definite or "can" if its a possibility
September 12, 2018
In common American English 'shall' is rarely used. However, in other locations/eras it would be the preferred word. Ask yourself who your audience is and if they prefer older English word usage.
September 12, 2018
"Shall" is normally used to express firm intentions. For example, "I shall do that!" Or "We shall win!" It does work in your sentence. It would work if the employees said, "We shall work the required hours! We want to help the company!" Hope this helps
September 12, 2018
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